Difficult Me

Where to begin?  I was brought up in a loving home, with 11 siblings.  I am the third oldest.  I asked God to forgive me for my sins and was horrified that Jesus had to die because of me when I was 7.  I had unthinkable things happen to me from a family friend when I was very young, which opened my eyes to the depravity of human beings.  My childhood made me determined, strong, and confident in who I was becoming, thinking I was pretty special.
I was confused by my own understanding of scripture and another gospel, relied on myself and had a baby before having a committed relationship.
I accomplished much in my short career as a Hairstylist/Salon Manager, but after meeting and marrying my husband he wanted me to stay at home with the kids.

The Lord changed me.

I fear God. This fear grows as I do.

I Love Jesus.  This love is out of this world.

I am stubborn, opinionated, loving, loyal and learning to be weak.  Being strong is overrated.

I love to be creative with writing, painting, home design and fashion.

I love to sing.

I love music.

Bacon is awesome.

I was home schooled and as a result my husband and I made this choice for our own children. We have five: a willful 5 year-old, 2 seven year-olds, a 9 year-old and a 15 year-old.  4 boys and one girl.  Parenting is both a thankless job and an immense blessing.

I love to be challenged.

This blog is where I will pour out my heart, share my ideas and possibly offend you.  I am sorry, but I hope I challenge you to think, because we all agree that death is coming.

How we arrive there is what counts.